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Monday, April 20, 2015

Wisata Turki: Travelling Guide

                                          Foto: Wisata Uthmaniah Turki Disember 2014

Kepada 20 Peserta Wisata Turki Muslim holidays 26 April 2015, selamat berangkat untuk bercuti, berehat, menghayati sejarah Uthmaniah dan melihat Tulip Festival di Istanbul. Baca travelling guide in sebelum berangkat.


(This small booklet is prepared by Dr Ridzwan Bakar as part of waqf  programs to stimulate social business championed by KHM).

Pesanan KHM

“While travelling, don’t forget…..
To give sadaqah at every masjid and stop-point
Develop ukhuwah and team spirit, help each other
Doa and good prayers coz you are musafeer
Learn the success of Uthmaniah empire
Enjoy the beautiful scenery, foods, people, culture etc
Bring back home, the best knowledge that you gain and together we develop Muslims and syariah in Malaysia.”

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KHM: We don’t Sell, but We Serve…


1. Change USD in Malaysia, MYR is not accepted for change
2. Activate ATM & credit card for overseas usage.
3. Money changer at Istanbul airport charge service tax
4. Better to change currency USD to TurkiLira @ Silk Market Bursa, no service tax
5. May change money at the right of Gate 1 Grand Bazaar  and many Money Changer inside Grand Bazaar.

6. Not all hotel in Turkey provide iron (even from house keeping), kettle, tea+coffee or even mineral water in room
7. Sejadah not available and not all hotel have qiblat sign
8. All breakfast and dinner in hotel, mostly buffet.
9. Comfortable walking shoes recommended, especially winter NO open sandal

10. Bring charger universal converter and good quality powerbank.
11. Backup and clear memory on handphone, tab, ipad and camera before trip
12. If need be, bring back-up battery, memory card etc….
13. It is advisable not to use Malaysia SIMcard or rooming- Too expensive
14. Communicate via internet ie. Whatsup / skype etc.
15. Wifi available in the bus and most hotels.

16. Foods are mostly kebab based, not spicy.
17. Advisable to carry with you chilli sauce, maggi etc.
18. Travelling time will be long, advisable to bring snack from Malaysia
19. There will be toilet break/rest every +-2hours
20. Not all R&R or stops have proper musolla & wudhu place.
21. Most Bay & Bayan are clean and have water for istinja’
22. Some Bay and Bayan cost TL1

23. MUST BE AT KLIA 3 hours before departure.
24. Bring big bag & 1 spare bag even no plan for shopping, too many cases need to buy additional bag.
25. Some airlines allow only  2 check-in bags/boxes per person
26. Luggage allowance-  MAS 30kg; Turkish Airlines 25kg
27. Advisable to Check-in individual/family rather than big group.

28. Chocolate stick are nice - with pistachio 2TL, plain 1TL (R&R between Bolu - Istanbul)
29. Turkish souvenir cheapest at Masjid Sulaiman bazaar (eg. small bag 11 for 10TL, other places cheapest 6 for 10TL, pashmima 10TL others 15TL)
30. T-shirt there are some design available for 5TL, outside Spice Market & Grand Bazaar
31. Bursa - good buy for fridge magnet 1dozen 10TL, small pottery, scarf/pashmima at the small alley shop i.e. if facing Silk Market walk to the right, the shop at the back with garden. Good deal.

32. Don’t forget to give sadaqah at every masjid and break-point.
33. At Green Mosque Bursa, you may give to senior citizens who work as a charity.

34. Walk in a small group.
35. Show your team spirit by helping each other.
36. Keep a copy of your passport photo  in your smart phones
37. Keep your valuables in the safety box provided by the hotel.
38. Follow instruction from Tour Guide or Tour Leader.
39. In the masjid, take care of your valuables.

May ALLAH grant you the best journey.

Are you interested to travel, relax and enjoy the bounties created by ALLAH?
Istanbul, London, Spain, Bosnia, Switzerland, Korea,Beijing, Indonesia etc? OR  Perform Umrah?

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KHM: We don’t Sell, but We Serve…

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