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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tips of Happiness

 Today is a malam jumaat (Friday night). It is an important night in Malay customs. We pray together in a family/society  and recite sura yaseen in a group.  When I was  young, I used to enjoy this practice.  Happiness comes through at least once a week.
 Tomorrow is  Friday,  Of course important to muslims.  Thus, I would like to invite myself and fellow followers to start life  happily.
First, say Alhamdulilah & thank you ALLAH for all the bounties and safety that ALLAH has grant us.
Second,  express  gratitude for those things and people that are closest to you.
Third, sincerely infaq/ give charity to the poor and the needy.
Fourth, spare time for ourselves.  Isolate physical and mind from any disturbances.  Concentrate our mind and recite  zikir, name of ALLAH or  read few verses of Qur’an.  We need this quality time for our personal  development.  
    Finally, start your happy day with things that you are passionate.
    Enjoy your  life and plan your weekend.  May ALLAH guide us the best path of life.

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Anonymous said...

terima kasih Dr
nasihat dan perkongsianyg bermanfaat