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Friday, May 10, 2013

Trauma Anak Palestin, Apa Tindakan Kita?

Foto:  Trauma Kehidupan Anak-anak Palestin yang berpanjangan...semangat kita pula bermusim...

Empat hari lepas saya ada mewar-warkan di dalam facebook/drridzwan  memohon respon tuan/puan/followers samada perlukah KHM  terjun membantu Gaza.  Selepas empat hari, cuma hanya tiga respon sahaja diterima.  Sedikit mengecewakan saya....

Berikut saya majukan email yang telah saya terima dari Gaza Palestin yang telah  mendorong saya memohon respon dalam facebook/drridzwan.



Long time passed, and still remember ur inspiration given to me all the time since i knew you.

i am sending this e-mail to ask how are you? and really because i want to stay in touch with you? i hope and asking Allah that you are in a good health and every think is going good and in the best way with you.

Dear Dr. Ridzwan
i have been hear in Gaza for 5 month, many things have been changed since i went to Malaysia in 2010. the overall situation, the economic, social, and political are worst than what it was before. i have worked during this 5 months in the social work and as a program manger right now in one of the non-governmental organizations (local NGO). but i find that, there are a large segment in the society (in Gaza strip) are left out without any type of help to be provided from the governmental or non governmental parties. according to the international study:-

1. Gaza remains a direct conflict zone and child trauma remains. According to OCHA 108 persons have been killed in Gaza and 307 injured as a result of “direct conflict…” in the period of 2/2009 to 8/2010 (OCHA Hum. Monitor 8/2010)

2. 18 schools were completely destroyed and 280 schools/kindergartens damaged; 50% of Gaza’s hospitals and 39% of health clinics damaged and destroyed or damaged 6,400 homes.

3. A restriction on importation of construction materials into Gaza has meant that much of the urgently required infrastructure has not been rebuilt.

4. According to a recent survey over 60% of children in Gaza were showing severe to very severe symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder following the attack, with no or limited access to safe and secure recreation free from these daily hardships.

5. Girls have few options outside the home and boys face violence on the streets.

6. To date, many families/children, remain displaced in Gaza due to Operation Cast Lead. The resulting effects on the structure of communities, the well being of families and the ability of caregivers to fulfill their responsibilities are far reaching.

7. In addition, the Palestinian internal conflict (especially pronounced in Gaza) compounds the crisis in child protection in oPt.

8. Through increased geopolitical and institutional fragmentation child protection services are especially weak and opportunities for recreation away from the daily hardships and traumas are extremely limited

what i want explain is, i know how, much u care about the humanity and specially about the Palestinians, and i did not forgot when you told me that you want to adopt a child from Gaza, actually i find that hundreds of children in Gaza need a wide range help.

i have wrote a proposal with an overall objective "Gaza children and families experience a better life to help therepair theirpsychologicaand emotional stresses caused by the recent warthe ongoing blockade and the continuing militaractivities."

if you are interested, we can decide the mechanism of work to provide this service to our children in a way to explain for the Gazain Public that the Malaysian people are standing by us, and they are hand by hand with us.

thanks Dr Ridzwan and regards to Malaysia

Mohammed AA
Gaza City

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