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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Khutbah Jumaat 4 Nov 2011- Sinopsis

Amalan Tawaf adalah amalan mulia di sisi ALLAH. Ianya amat istimewa kepada mereka yang pernah melakukannya. Namun ianya bukan sekadar aktiviti fizikal melalui 7 pusingan.

Detik Rindu Baitullah dan tawaf menjemput hati saya untuk berkongsi di mimbar Masjid. Alhamdulilah, dengan izin ALLAH saya ingin berkongsi ringkasan teks Khutbah JUmaat yang telah saya sampaikan di Masjid Universiti Multimedia Cyberjaya pada 4 Nov 2011.


My beloved brothers in Islam,

ALLAH has given us a gift by the name of Hajj and Umrah. InsyaALLAH today, some of hujjaj will move to Mina and some will go direct to Arafah to perform the most critical step of Hajj ie. Wukuf.

Tawaf is one of the key steps of Hajj and UMrah. There are three basic wisdom of Tawaf. First, The tawaf from the outer paths and the slow yet eventual movement towards its centre, that is the Kaabah, represents the relationship or a human’s journey towards approaching Allah s.w.t.

The act of performing the tawaf reminds us of the significance of our human journey as ‘Ibadur Rahman’ towards Allah s.w.t. It is from Allah that humans exist, interacts and then socializes on this earth, and to Allah will eventually our place of return.

The second wisdom behind the performance of tawaf is that it acts as a guide for us to implement social ethics in our life. Performing the tawaf in an orderly and disciplined manner, indirectly seeks to remind us of the importance of living an ethical and an orderly life, without causing chaos and hurt to others.

My dear brothers, if we can instill the principles and philosophy of tawaf in our daily lifes, insya Allah we will be able to cultivate a life that is orderly and disciplined be it our personal life, professional life or in our daily worships. This will then help us to enjoy the tranquility, peace and harmony in our life.

My dear blessed brothers in Islam,

The third wisdom that we can derive from the ibadah of tawaf is that it teaches us to be grateful for each of Allah’s blessings. That is why, once Prophet Ibrahim a.s. and his son Prophet Ismail a.s. completed re-building the Kaabah, both of them did the tawaf around Kaabah as a show of gratitude to Allah s.w.t.

From our appreciation of the the three lessons that Khatib had mentioned, let us not view the act of tawaf as just merely circling around the Kaabah. Remember that it aims to remind us of our purpose in life, and how every single action of ours originates from and is centered on Allah s.w.t. In addition, it hopes to educate us to lead a more disciplined and ethical life, as well as the importance of being grateful to Allah s.w.t. as everything is determined by His Will.

At the same time, it serves as a manifestation of our faith and purification from all forms of impurity, be they internal or external of every servant. Allah s.w.t. says in surah Al-Haj verse 29:

Meaning: “Then let them accomplish their needful acts of purification, and let them fulfill their vows and let them go around the Ancient House.”

My dear beloved jemaah,

Clearly, for those among us who have yet to perform the umrah or hajj, there is an intense desire for us to realize this blessing, particularly to perform the tawaf around the Kaabah.

Khatib would like to give few tips before the end of the first Khutbah

i) Let us perform fasting on the day of Arafah/wukuf

ii) To give hands to the needy and give sadaqah as much as we could

iii) To perform kurban/aqiqah

iv) Full submission and recite takbir, tahmid and tahlil on 10th of Zulhijjah until the end of 13th Zulhijjah.

v) To Malaysian who have yet to register for Hajj or still not realize the importance of Hajj and UMrah, please quickly do so because the waiting list has reach year 2041. It is our responsibility to call upon all muslims to perform Hajj (should you have met all the criteria).

Let us feel that ALLAH loves us, thus Hajj and Umrah are the special gifts from heaven direct to us. May ALLAH accept our dua and deeds, and crown us the best life here and in the Hereafter.

ihsan muis


Anonymous said...

Assalam Dr,

Amin amin amin atas doa Dr.

Terima kasih atas catatan kali ini.

Semuga Allah menjemput kita ke rumah NYA di waktu yang terdekat. Amin


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haji muda said...

Assalam Pn Rozila,
Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Asalamulaikum Dr,

Saya berharap orang dluar sana samada yamg sudah brgelar haji atau belum,bukalah hati membacai haji muda.hati saya tersentuh,air mata saya mgalir tk tertahan.Sesungguhnya bku trsebut memberi sy pedoman dan keinsafan dlm mnjadi insan terbaik dsisi tuhan.Sy tjemu brdoa agar sy djemput mnjadi tetamu Allah di usia y muda.