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Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love Rasul s.a.w.

Ku panjatkan salawat dan salam kepada junjungan mulia Muhammad s.a.w dan para sahabat. Kerinduan Madinah amat ku rasai di waktu ini.

“Sesungguhnya Allah dan para malaikatNya berselawat ke atas nabi; wahai orang-orang yang beriman berselawatlah kamu kepadanya serta ucapkanlah salam dengan penghormatan yang sepenuhnya.”
(Al- Qur’an Al-Ahzab: 56)


Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is the best role model for us. He has been identified as the most influencial people in the world. Muhamad s.a.w is a great leader in human history. However, the teaching of sunnah and the way we practice it has been mixed with our worldly goals.

Muhammad s.a.w has thought us that seeking Allah’s pleasure is important to reach tranquility. However, in a certain class of people there rages an internal war, one that doesn't take place on the battlefield, but in one's bedroom, one's office, one's own home. It is a war that results in ulcers or an increase in blood pressure. Everything frustrates these group of people: they become angry at inflation, furious because the rains came late and exasperated when the value of their currency falls. They are forever perturbed and vexed, no matter what the reason.

They think that every cry is against them. (Qur 'an 63: 4)

Do not carry the weight of the globe on your shoulders. Let the ground carry the burden of those things that happen. Some people have a heart that is like a sponge, absorbing all kinds of fallacies and misconceptions. It is troubled by the most insignificant of matters; it is the kind of heart that is sure to destroy its possessor. Those who are principled and are upon the true path are not shaken by hardship; instead, hardship helps to strengthen their resolve and faith. But the reverse is true for the weak-hearted: when they face adversity or trouble, it is only their level of fear that increases.

At a time of calamity, there is nothing more beneficial to you than having a brave heart. The one who has such a heart is self-possessed, he has firm faith and cool nerves. On the other hand, during the course of any given day, the coward slaughters himself many times with apprehensions and presentiments of impending doom. Therefore, if you desire for yourself a stable life, face all situations with bravery and perseverance.

And let not those who have no certainty of faith discourage you... (Qur'an 30: 60)

Be more resolute than your circumstances and more ferocious than the winds of calamity. May mercy descend upon the weak-hearted, for how often it is that they are shaken by the smallest of tremors?

And verily, you will find them the greediest of mankind for life... (Qur'an 2: 96)

As for those who are resolute, they receive help from their Lord and are confident of His promise.

He sent down calmness and tranquility upon them. (Qur'an 48: 18)

Following the coming Maulid ar-rasul, let us pray and sincerely express salawah to the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. May Allah crown us the best life here and in the hereafter. Amin.
7th March 2009
Shah Alam
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